The Bear Facts
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Canadian Black Bear Facts

A powerful and extremely innovative animal, black bears range throughout northwestern Ontario. While black is the most common colour, brown and cinnamon phases also occur. Adult females typically weigh between 130-230 pounds, while males are between 200 and 400 pounds. Exceptional males over 500 pounds do roam the forests.

Bears are extremely adaptable animals and are omnivorous - which means they'll eat just about anything. Insects such as ants as well as berries, nuts, small mammals and near urban centers, garbage, are all on the menu.

Bears are generally solitary animals except for females with cubs. The cubs stay with the mother for about 17 months and the females mate every two years. Males have large ranges which may overlap the ranges of several females. These males spend most of their time on their own.

Bears are most active in the early morning and at dusk, but can be active anytime of the day. Black bears in northwestern Ontario hibernate through the long, cold winters. Males emerge as soon as food sources are present in the spring followed later by females with cubs.

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The Bear Facts
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