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Papa bear from Goldilocks and the three bearsLarge black bear seen just north of Sioux NarrowsWildlife viewing in the forest near Sioux Lookoutcoming back from the tree stand at dusk
Canadian Bear Hunts

Ontario Bear Hunting Expeditions

With vast expanses of natural habitat, black bears thrive in northwest Ontario. Our bear hunting is managed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources through tourist outfitters operating their own management areas. Extremely well adapted to living in the boreal forest, these ingenious animals eat berries, insects, grubs, small mammals and fish. Bears also scavenge and are known to visit the local towns every fall causing havoc mostly by garbage raiding. The laughable Bruins will do just about anything in search of food. Use our site to discover everything you need to know about hunting for black bear in the Sunset Country region of Ontario, Canada. Up here, we have the forest cover and food sources to support large populations of this extraordinary mammal. The animals occur in cinnamon and blonde color phases although black is the most common.

Ontario black bear huntsOur member outfitters - each with their own Bear Management Areas - can set you up in a wilderness location complete with pre-baited stands that attract large bears. How you hunt is up to you. Black bear are a popular choice of bow hunters and traditional rifle hunters alike. Careful wildlife management practices assure that bear hunters who visit Northwest Ontario have a good opportunity for success. Many bear outfitters in this region can boast of 80% or better success rates for their guests.

When planning your Ontario bear hunting adventure, your choices of accommodation are many and varied. If you want to hunt all day and come out of the bush at the end of the day to enjoy a delicious meal, then an "American Plan" package is what you're looking for. For the more independent hunter, a housekeeping package is the ideal choice. How remote do you want to go? Access types to area resorts and lodges vary from drive in and boat in facilities to fly in lodges and outpost cabins. Access remote areas of Northwest Ontario where the bears are big and the natural setting is nothing less than spectacular.

As we develop this website, continue to check back for new information about black bear hunting in Northwest Ontario and the many lodge, resort and outpost hunting destinations we have to offer. In the interim, we are providing you with a list of direct links to our members who can offer you the bear hunting experience of a lifetime!

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If you want additional information, our Travel Association also produces a 84 page Travel Guide that includes a poster-sized fishing map of the area. Click here to order your FREE copy or call us toll free at 1-800-665-7567.

Canadian Bear Hunts
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Bear Hunting in Ontario, Canada

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